TheHub Redesign

Transforming off-the-shelf enterprise software to better meet the needs of Hampshire College's unique academic program

TheHub, Hampshire's academic web portal, is getting a whole new interface! TheHub, while useful, doesn't provide an easy or smooth experience for students or faculty. Constructed over several years according to requests from the administration, this ad-hoc software became a nightmare to use.

The redesigned site endeavors to support the activities of students and faculty much more fully than the current Hub, pushing overviews and relevant information to the fore at every opportunity. Page structure and copy contextualizes procedures such as contract signing and proceeding through the three stages of Hampshire's academic program. The new flexibility of the site allows for the integration of services, such as communication through email and autosaving for documents.

This project is the work of a team of students, faculty and staff. As a member of that team I designed wireframes and contributed to the development of the proof of concept.

I provided design work as well as in-depth frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and backend (Python) development for this project while in alpha.

  • course page
  • committee detail

The Faculty Finder

Painting a richer picture of Hampshire faculty

The Faculty Finder is an online space for exploring faculty members and their work and classes. The Finder's goal is to help students who want to find advisors or independent study mentors by giving enough background on faculty for starting conversations.

It provides a richer picture of Hampshire's faculty members than the material on the public College website. Using data from integral documents like regular course descriptions and academic contracts, the Finder builds a profile for each faculty member as well as a list of faculty with similar academic interests. These suggestions encourages Wikipedia-like wandering.

  • finder search page
  • faculty profile


TES: The Empathetic Space

I contributed to the visual and behavioral design of The Empathetic Space, a large scale interactive installation in Hampshire’s Library Winter 2010.

Video Documentation
  • The Empathetic Space

The Cost of Keeping the Lights On

an infographic tracing reconstruction amid the Iraq War. View